Miami swim week recap!

Miami swim week recap!

With our very first swim week coming to a close we wanted to share the behind the scenes process with you all! As this was our first time, there were lots of unknowns and adjustments that had to be made. We learned a ton and are so proud of the show and all of the work our team did to make it happen!

Thursday: Upon arrival we had to switch from an airbnb to a hotel. Luckily we found space at the Nobu hotel, adjacent to the Fontainblue where all the action was, because the fontainblue was completely sold out by our arrival. Once settled we were ready to take on the weekend!


Friday: We spent most of the day on the beach soaking up the sun and having photoshoots! In the evening we gathered the team, family and friends together for a dinner to kickstart the weekend! Following dinner we explored Fontainebleau where our show was being held and watched a few other brands on the runway. 

Saturday: Show day! Started our day with a sunrise photo shoot on the beach.



We spent most of the morning/early afternoon running last minute errands, getting ready, and packing! We arrived back stage at 4 pm and began to unpack, steam, and organize. At this point we still had not been assigned models for our show and were starting to get nervous. Upon check in we began meeting models and had to start fitting, styling and assign hair/makeup looks. We were told we would have 14 models for the show but plans changed when we had to extend our show to 21 models. We had a mad scramble to see who fit which suit best. 

Luckily we brought extra suits with us and were able to reorganize and make it work. At 5 we had our mock show walkthrough to make sure the girls understood how and where to walk and practice the runway. 

Our catwalk was set for 7pm but ended up starting at 8:30pm. It was frantic back stage as we had to switch things around and incorporate an additional 7 models. At 7:30pm the show began! Everything went off without a hitch except for the timing of our audio track at the end. Instead of our intended ending song, it actually ended up even better than we imagined! We made a powerful statement about how every body is a swimsuit body!

Following the show we had a celebratory dinner at Cecconi's Miami! We presented our founder, Claire, with red roses and enjoyed a pre-set dinner!

Sunday: To end the weekend we took a boat trip around Miami! Dr. Lindsey Bira gave us an overview of Ocean Oriented which is a nature-based wellbeing, performance, success, and resiliency platform!

After the boat ride we all said our goodbyes and heading home!

With the conclusion of swim week we want to thank all of our team, friends, family, models, staff, and artists that made our vision come to life! We learned so much this past week and are excited for the next swim week!

So far we have appeared in Glam! Magazine and New York Style guide!

Here is our runway show if you’d like to see !!

runwayshow from Claire Bira on Vimeo.




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