Scientists say Florida reefs have lost nearly 98% of coral, and estimate that all coral reefs globally could be gone by 2050.

our mission
We are committed to fighting this problem and contributing to the solution.

Each swimsuit sold will plant a baby coral reef directly in the ocean. You will receive your swimsuit with the GPS coordinates and a picture of the baby reef you helped plant.

We are zero waste, made from recycled ocean plastics, and believe in the education and ethical treatment of all women along our production lines.

our story

How it all started

Our founder, Claire fell in love with the reef systems at age 19 while living on a sailboat as a snorkel instructor in the Florida Keys.  

Over the past 10 years, she witnessed firsthand as all of the sites that had once been teeming with life and abundant color became bleached and drained, and their inhabitants forced to die off or find other reefs.

For reef systems that had been growing for hundreds of thousands of years, ten years is an alarmingly short amount of time to see such a dramatic impact on reef systems. It shocked and horrified her.

Her mission to save the reefs led her to the creation of Coralee. ...but getting through manufacturing in a fashion industry fraught with waste and more consumerism proved difficult and more expensive than expected. She dedicated significant time to carefully select and partner with companies and source materials that would protect the environment, rather than doing more harm, as well as provide labor that would empower others with skills and ethical employment.  Coralee swimwear is her hope to not only fight the marine plastic problem but actively contribute to the solution.

Our plan to save coral reefs

One swimsuit = One baby coral

When you buy a swimsuit, we immediately sponsor the planting of a baby coral through our reef partner.

With your suit, you will receive the GPS coordinates of the location where your baby coral lives, and a picture of it in its new home.

Sustainable Sourcing

Eight million pieces of plastic pollution enter our oceans each day. (That’s 12 million tons a year, or a truckload per minute!) Our suits are made from recycled plastics, nylon, and waste pulled out of the ocean. We are committed to using only high-quality, UV and chlorine- tested fabrics that are made from recycled ocean plastic.

Responsible Sourcing

We are dedicated to reducing environmental harm and waste in the fast fashion industry.

Our manufacturing partner is very transparent in the process and our coral partner keeps us up to date on the project, the local community, and global sustainability issues they are working on.

Sewing and Shipping

You buy a suit, we plant a coral. Our suits are sewn with a zero-waste philosophy, and our current reef partner is located in the Maldives. Our focus is on being REGENERATIVE for the earth, rather than just sustaining bad practices or contributing to waste.

Our Fabric Partner
Sustainable Sourcing

Our fabric partners are proudly recycling ocean trash -such as fishing nets pulled from the ocean and recycled carpet! Some suits incorporate recycled plastic bottles and others re-purposed nylon, but we are dedicated to tracing the fibers to their source and doing our part to pull rubbish from the oceans in our manufacturing lines.

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